Forgive and Forget

The majority of the summer my face has been buried in a book and I just have to rave a little bit on the latest, “Gone Girl,” written by Gillian Flynn. Wow. Days later, I still feel as though I am haunted by this story. It’s a great read, so if you’re looking to start a new book, go PICK IT UP!

Other than reading, my summer has been spent hanging out with 2 kids, 7 and 9 years old.  I was thinking today about how fast the time is passing, and how my second summer with them has almost come to an end.  Although Grace and Alex have tested my limits several times, and argue with each other, we have our good moments. For example, today Grace and Alex were arguing over “who could hold the house key” when we were sitting at the table having lunch. Seems like a pretty strange thing to argue about, but for those of us who have siblings, we all know how this goes.  Being the older sister to my brother, I ALWAYS wanted to be superior. Get my way, get the last word in, get the bigger piece of cake, etc.  (I might still feel this way….a little.) The point of my ramble is that for these two kids, holding the house key at that exact moment probably seemed like the biggest issue in the world.  After a solid 5 minutes, and still no problem solved, there was crying, and screaming. I figured I would let them work this one out on their own. Sure enough, less than 10 seconds later, Grace said something to make Alex laugh…and the argument was over.  As simple as that…they were on to the next thing. 

As we get older, we seem to hold things against each other and fight to avoid admitting we are wrong because admitting that…well…that would make us a little inferior? (or something along those lines) Hanging out with these two kids everyday makes me remember how unimportant those little arguments are and that forgiving is not all that difficult.  To add on to that, it probably helps a little to be able to make the other person laugh after you were just in a five minute screaming fit ;)

This may sound extreme, and I may be overanalyzing the argument between a 7 and 9 year old, BUT I am so thankful I have these kids in my life to make me realize the importance of forgiveness, and the importance of being able to forget the pain and move on to bigger and better things.