The Beginning



I made it!  After a long day of flying I have finally arrived in Costa Rica and am so happy to finally be here.  The day started a little rough after I decided to try and update my phone by connecting it to my computer and hitting the wrong button which deleted ALL of the information off my phone… (contacts, pictures, apps, etc) only minutes after leaving my parents behind and waiting to board my first flight.  Let me just say I had a mini break down in the airport.  It’s okay though…I figured everything out and realized there are really only two numbers I need anyways; Mom & Dad.  I landed in the Dallas airport where I met up with 5 other people who I will be studying abroad with.  I can already tell we will get along just fine.  The second flight of the day was smooth as well, but was disappointed that it was dark and rainy as we flew into Costa Rica.  I have heard that flying into the Country during the day can be pretty amazing looking over one of the volcanoes.  (Maybe next time.)  One of the best things about arriving in Costa Rica was having some familiar faces to look out for and move through Immigration and Customs with since I was able to meet the 5 others in the Dallas airport.  

We all arrived together and found a group holding signs for Veritas University and then all hopped in the shuttle which took each of us to our “semester homes”.  I was the third to get dropped off…obviously freaking out this whole time and nervous to see who I would be living with for the next four months.  Rosalba, who is also known as my “Mama Tica” was waiting for me outside her house with open arms.  I quickly realized that the image I had in my head was not even close to reality.  I told my dad before leaving that I was going to imagine the WORST situation possible, so that when I arrived my hopes would not be let down :)  My new home is nothing like I pictured it to be.  I have my own room, and a bathroom that I will be sharing with one other girl.  Not too shabby.  The only downfalls are 1) My bed is not what you would call a cloud bed (Abby & Molly ;)) and 2) it sounds like my room has been placed in the middle of the busiest street in San Jose…nothing like “white noise”. 

-I’m not complaining though ;)

I have already received a little culture shock in the past two hours trying to communicate with Rosalba.  She is very patient, but refuses to speak english. (Not sure if she doesn’t know how, or she just chooses not to) but I am having a very hard time communicating with her.  Every time I start speaking in english, all I get back from her is, “habla espanol morgan”.  Well, I guess what they say is true- I will definitely know my spanish by the time I get back home. 

The day starts tomorrow at 7:30, eating breakfast with Rosalba and Ebony (the other student living here) and then off to Veritas Universidad for Orientation and a tour of the city.  This is when I will meet all of the other’s that will be here for the semester as well.  Very excited for that.  

Heading off to bed now, it’s been a long day.  I will keep everyone posted!