Day 4



Last night was the first night I ventured down to “la calle” to check out some of the hang out spots. La Calle, meaning “the street” is a place to go at night because it is lined with bars and restaurants. Before heading out, AIFS (the foreign study group I am in) had a welcome dinner.  We took a bus to a very nice restaurant which had a buffet set up for us, and the food was absolutely amazing.  I have yet to eat a bad meal here. 

I had a pretty crazy experience today taking my first taxi ride during the day in San José.  When I say the roads are crazy here, i’m not joking around.  Stop signs exist, but are seldom used. I think it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t even make it a block driving a car in this city without some sort of devastation. Not only did I see my life flash before my eyes, we also had issues with the drivers. The problem with being a foreigner is that the taxi drivers like to scam you and will take any possible alternate route (which is quite obvious by the way they zig-zag through town and take you completely out of the way). However, after a crazy ride, we finally made it to the bus station where we all purchased tickets for this weekend.  There is a group of 8 students, and we are all taking a trip to the Caribbean. We will be staying in a hostel where you can rent a hammock for $7.00 a night, right on the beach.  I am so excited to get to the beach and explore a little.

The picture above was taken today at lunch, in a little restaurant down the street from our campus.  Of course, my meal consisted of rice, beans, chicken, and salad.  I have never eaten so much rice in my life. This is the reason I purchased a gym membership today…

So far life in Costa Rica has been great, and I am excited to see what this country will bring next. I will keep you all posted, and will update after my trip this weekend!

Pura Vida!