Jaco, Costa Rica


Just got back to San Jose today after taking a spur of the moment trip to Jaco Beach.  I had only done a small amount of research only to find that Jaco Beach is not usually safe to swim at because of the size of the waves. Jaco is an ideal spot for surfers, and is considered a “party town”. So, we left San Jose open minded because we were not really sure what to expect. When we first arrived, (Stella, Jeremy, Erin and I) were dropped off at the bus stop and took a taxi to our hostel (Jaco Inn) only to find that it was 1 KM down the road, and we could have easily walked.  We checked into the hostel which was right in the middle of downtown, and settled in. We then walked down to the beach to find that it was pretty deserted.  We were skeptical because this did not seem normal for a friday night in a town known as a “party spot”. Our first stop was a restaurant on the beach where we hung out for a bit before walking around town to get our bearings. We soon discovered that this area was more of a tourist attraction than we had thought it would be.

We went out that night and had a great time because we were meeting people from all over the world.  It’s crazy how everyone there had their own story, and were all there for different reasons yet we had all ended up in the same spot. We ended up going to dinner with a guy who is backpacking through Central America, and he was telling us that Costa Rica was his third stop after Panama and Nicaragua. He told us that Panama was by far his favorite, and that it was one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen.  Can’t wait to make that trip now.

The next day, we decided to head down the road to Playa Hermosa to scope that area out and hopefully find somewhere that was safe to swim at. We were having trouble finding the bus stop that would take us to the beach, so we ended up taking a taxi there. As we were driving off in the taxi, we looked across the street, and then saw the bus stop, which was right in front of us but we had walked past it a good 5 times.  Just our luck….

Anyways, we took a taxi to the beach instead of the bus (which would have cost less) and spent the day at Playa Hermosa. The beach was beautiful but the sand was SO dark that it was impossible to walk around without shoes.  I think the bottom of my feet are still sizzling.

After a long, hot, (very hot) day at the beach we ended up back at our hostel around 4:00, where we all got ready for the night ahead, and also walked down to the beach and saw an AMAZING sunset.  I have never seen anything like it, and it’s so hard to explain how pretty the sky was.  It’s one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.  That night, we got to know a group of Ticos who were also staying at our hostel.  They were all so friendly and the nickname “Wisconsin” stuck pretty quick on me as well. For some reason they liked that better than Morgan.

We left the beach around 2 to catch our 2:30 bus back home.  The ride was only about 2 hours, so not bad at all.  I am currently back at my Tico home about to do some spanish homework.  I swear it never ends…practice makes perfect I guess.

Pura Vida!