For the past couple days, I have been attempting to sit down at my computer and write.  I guess its been one of those weeks where my brain just feels like mush. My intensive spanish class every day from 8 am to 12 is exhausting…and sometimes its even hard to put my thoughts together in english these days. BUT, I am finally getting around to it because I just had to share a few pictures from this past weekend. 

I spent the weekend in Guanacaste, Costa Rica on Tamarindo Beach. We boarded a bus in San Jose around 3:30 friday afternoon, and without any plans, we arrived in Tamarindo around 9 that night. After stepping off the bus and realizing we had absolutely no idea what our next move would be, a Tico started leading us around the town stopping at several hostels asking for open rooms. By about the 4th stop, we came across a place called Hotel Villa Amarilla which had one last open room for the night. We were greeted by the owners who took us to our room and told us to make ourselves at home.

We woke up the next morning to fireworks going off outside the hotel due to a marathon going on that day, and walked downstairs to a buffet of food and coffee waiting for us. Eating breakfast, overlooking the beach, and playing cards as a group was a great way to start the day. After contemplating the “plan of the day” we came to the conclusion that we would take a boat tour where we could see birds, crocodiles, and even some howler monkeys.  It turned out to be an awesome experience. A couple people in my group even ate live termites…. I skipped that part. We spent the night watching an amazing sunset and then migrated back around the common area by the beach to play more cards.  This time, the owners, TJ and Cinde, joined us. That night was by far one of my favorites since the day I arrived, and I really hope I get the chance to make a second trip to tamarindo before I head home. I STRONGLY suggest anyone visiting Tamarindo to stay at Hotel Villa Amarilla. 

I can not believe that this is the last week of my first intensive spanish class. It’s crazy how fast time flies here. Just one more day of class (including a final exam) and then off to Panama this weekend. For those of you who do not know, Costa Rica is located between Nicaragua and Panama, so the drive to Panama won’t be TOO long. 

I will update as soon as I arrive back in San Jose monday night. 

P.S. A quick thank you to two of the most welcoming people I have ever met- TJ & Cinde- you guys are awesome. Thanks for EVERYTHING.