The Beginning

  I made it!  After a long day of flying I have finally arrived in Costa Rica and am so happy to finally be here.  The day started a little rough after I… Continue reading

The big day

Tomorrow is the day.  I have been waiting all summer for this, and the big day has finally arrived.  Just finished printing my boarding pass, finished packing, and said a few more goodbyes… Continue reading


I’m blogging because I can’t sleep. It still hasn’t completely hit me yet that I’m leaving in a couple weeks. Where did the summer go? I am so excited to leave, but at… Continue reading

Forgive and Forget

The majority of the summer my face has been buried in a book and I just have to rave a little bit on the latest, “Gone Girl,” written by Gillian Flynn. Wow. Days… Continue reading

What to do, what to do?

So my Mom came across a travel magazine in the mail the other day, and just my luck, the biggest article was written about Costa perfect?? It gave me a chance to… Continue reading

Lake Kimble

I definitely take this place for granted.  Had such a great time up at the cabin this summer, and was lucky (again) to bring Abby along.  It’s always a bummer having to leave… Continue reading